Boy moves to California from Hawai'i. Boy meets girl. Together, they relocate to Philadelphia in 2007. And the rest, as they say, is history. The husband and wife dynamic at
Via Laulima brings a balanced and comprehensive approach to the design process with their contrasting perspectives and individual strengths. Their passion towards all things design serves as an inspiration for the firm and its body of work.


Wendy   |   Registered Architect   |   Co-Founder

Wendy was born on the island of Taiwan and grew up in Orange County, California. Architecture became a personal affair when her parents sought out the American dream of owning a home. During their search for the perfect house, Wendy fell in love with how a building or space could have such a personal impact on its occupants. It was then that she decided to pursue the field of architecture.

Wendy completed her architectural undergraduate studies at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Her curiosity about life on the East Coast, coupled with her desire to become an educator, eventually brought her to Philadelphia where she obtained a Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a Registered Architect with over ten years of professional experience in commercial and residential projects. Her work is best characterized by her deep appreciation for design and its process. Wendy is also currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Temple University where she strives to provoke thought and instill passion within her students.


Dave   |   Registered Architect   |   Co-Founder

Dave was born and raised on the island of Oahu. He attended the University of Hawai'i where he received a Bachelor of Architecture. While in school, Dave was never satisfied when his designs could be associated with a particular style or architect. He challenged the norm and strayed away from the mundane, as his goal was to seek out truly unique solutions. Dave carries this same philosophy to his contributions at Via Laulima. Each new project provides him the opportunity to reimagine and compose original designs that address the needs of every client.

Dave is a Registered Architect with over twelve years of professional experience in commercial, residential, and institutional architecture. He has been the lead Project Manager for jobs ranging from $20,000 to $20 million in construction costs. Regardless of the size and scope, Dave approaches each project with the same mindset; deliver a high-quality result that is fiscally responsible within the proposed timeframe. The long-standing relationships he has forged with clients and consultants is a testament to this ethos and his approachable island demeanor.