Design Philadelphia 2019

Is it really October already? We know that things have been a bit silent here on our digital portal, but it’s a good silent. Between life, family, and new projects, our busy factor put blogging on the sidelines. We have lots of news and posts to share, and with Design Philadelphia well underway this month, we thought it would be fun to revisit our participation from last year.

Via Laulima organized an event titled, “Architects: Behind the TV Magic,” for Design Philadelphia 2018 that was aimed to enlighten the general public on the architectural profession by speaking specifically about the residential architecture sector.

Architects_Behind the TV Magic.jpg

“The onset of do-it-yourself and home improvement network programs have mesmerized millions through their television screens. The dramatic before and after transformations are undeniably captivating, but the entertainment value of these shows have effectively distilled the architectural process into one hour episodes with a distorted sense of reality. This presentation and exhibit will provide insight on what it really takes to bring a project into fruition when working with Architects, while highlighting the roles and value that they offer to the design process by revealing their academic and professional journeys.”

We were able to host this event at Temple University within the Architecture department, and in attendance was Temple News where a student from the university newspaper interviewed us and highlighted our talk in her article:

The presentation was inspired by our personal and professional experiences as architects (and former students) when we realized how few people understood our jobs, and how difficult it was for us to explain our profession. It was a great experience for Via Laulima and well-received by those that attended. Our hope is that we were able to shed some light on the field of architecture and architects for the audience, and perhaps this knowledge will be passed on to others in return.

We don’t know what the next year will bring, but we look forward to the possibility of participating in the following Design Philadelphia program. In the meantime, if you’re in Philly and love design, check out the events that are taking place throughout the city: The focus this year is ‘Design Purpose,’ and we may be biased but there is so much purpose and relevance behind design. We hope you have time to go and discover what our city has to offer!