What is good design? Process. At Via Laulima, process is our style. It begins with good conversations and great questions about you and your project needs. We combine thoughtful investigations with our expertise to achieve results beyond your expectations. As our name suggests, we are a firm founded on the principles of integrated design thinking, and our clients are very much a part of this holistic approach.


For many, the opportunity to build or renovate a home is presumably something that happens once in a lifetime. It is a considerable undertaking, and we understand this. As your Architects, we help you navigate the complexities of design and construction from beginning to end. Our goal is to make the process stress-free for homeowners while maximizing their return on investment.

Business Owner

We believe in the powers of design and spatial branding. As business owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of establishing connections with your target audience, clients, and employees. All of this translates to the need for good design that embodies your company, captivates prospective leads and sales, and increases staff performance. Our creative process involves a keen look into the inner workings of your business and transforms it into physical form.


We can help streamline the process that takes place before the build, which is probably where you would rather place your focus. Client relations, design and drawing development, code compliance, and building permit submission are just a few examples of how we can assist.


Investing in design can maximize your return on investment. Aside from the basic logistics of getting a development approved and built, we take the time to research market trends and technologies so that you stand out from the rest. High quality construction backed with informed design sells.  



Via Laulima is a place where creative disciplines engage each other to produce transformative solutions through the medium of product and space. We believe this type of diversity allows us to analyze a design problem through different lenses which leads to uniquely successful projects. The services we offer reflect our philosophy of interdisciplinary collaboration.


Finding the right property for your needs can be more than just about the price and location. We can provide insight on the potential benefits and challenges of a site or building before you commit to a purchase. Our visit alongside you can help determine if a property is capable of accommodating your project in terms of code compliance, zoning, budget, and scope. 


We breathe architecture. To us, a space or a building is not just a physical object designed for a particular function. It is a lifestyle; an identity; a living element that enhances its occupants and the surrounding community.

Our comprehensive services include feasibility studies, conceptual visualization, schematic design, design development and construction documentation, project bidding assistance, and construction administration.


Interiors are an extension of the architectural experience. Aside from visual aesthetics, they create the personality for the designed purpose of a space or building. We strive to provide solutions that support both human and organizational performance. Through careful dialogue, we work collaboratively to deliver interiors that enhance comfort and function, increase productivity, stimulate patronage or sales, speak your brand, and reflect your personal style.


No space is complete without the finishing touches. We enjoy opportunities that allow us to extend our creativity into custom pieces that suit your needs.


Design matters. We live in a time where the general public has become increasingly design savvy. A properly designed space has the power to reflect the identity and culture of your brand and foster connections with those experiencing it. Our spatial branding services combines all that we offer along with graphic design to achieve comprehensive solutions.